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Underground Utility Locating is a professional contract Locating company who pride ourselves in providing prompt, accurate, and safe locations to excavators and Asset owners who expect the best.

We have the experience and equipment to understand constructors in the civil and building industries, and to adapt to changing work site conditions and time frames.

We are committed to Underground Damage Prevention.


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As specialized utility location experts, we locate all types of telecommunications cabling such as Optic Fibre, H.V. and L.V. Electrical, Water, Gas, Sewer, etc.

All types of conduits and ducts including P.V.C, Asbestos cement, PE and other non-conductive services. Experienced Cable Fault Location using, Earth gradient, H.V. DC proof test, Capacitive discharge equipment and TDR equipment.

We were one of the first in Queensland using GPR Radar technology and have constantly upgraded our gear. We also use the very latest RF equipment, conductive rods etc, to complete those difficult locates.



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